Set Coordinate File

This command allows the user to set the name of the active coordinate file. This file is used by different commands that compute, store and recall point coordinates. Carlson coordinate (.CRD) files are binary files that contain point numbers, northings, eastings, elevations and descriptions. Alternately, C&G CRD & CGC files, LandDesktop MDB files or Simplicity Systems ZAK files can be used in place of the Carlson CRD file. These files are stored  by default in the configured data subdirectory. When prompted for the name, if you type in a path name the file will be stored in the specified path. If you don't specify a path then the default path that is configured in the Configure command, found under Settings, will be used.

When executed, the command defaults to the Existing tab for selection of an existing file. You may select a file from the list of Recent Folders, or choose the Browse button to go to a specific location on your computer. To create a new file, select the New tab and enter the name of the file in the file name field provided. Use the Browse button to specify the desired location to save the file.

Pulldown Menu Location: Points
Keyboard Command: setcrd
Prerequisite: None